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Home Organizing

Is the clutter in your kitchen, home office, garage or basement impacting the function and enjoyment of those spaces? Let's face it, today's world will never stop generating new things to deal with — such as paperwork, projects and everyday household items. That's why we're here to help set up organizational and storage systems in all home work spaces that eliminate the clutter for you and your family. We offer hands-on organizational services to create clutter-free systems that work for you and maximize the available space.

Downsizing Assistance

It's inevitable that seniors who have lived in a home for many years need to de-clutter before moving to a smaller space. To a T helps facilitate what can be an overwhelming and emotional process. First, we create a design plan to decide what will comfortably fit in the new space. From there, we work with the homeowner to complete the process of downsizing: sorting and separating items that will move, and helping with the decisions to sell, donate or discard everything else.

Move In Assistance

If the thought of unpacking and setting up your new kitchen, office, garage or storage area paralyzes you, call us for reinforcement. We can help set up your new home in an organized fashion right out of the box!


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"We've needed to clean out our basement home office and storage rooms for years but were paralyzed at the thought of getting started. To a T had a system for cleaning out the space, brought needed organizing supplies to the job, and helped us make decisions about what to keep. You were totally focused on getting the job done and didn't leave until everything had a place"

Kelly and Hilaire W.

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